Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)


World Rays Attunement I


Received from the Planetary Council of Andromeda, the World Rays Attunements empower the recipient with clear energy channels for the attribute of each specific ray.

The Rays are channeled in order with only a short pause in between. 

Each person is given a quartz crystal to hold in their left hand during the attunement, in order to help receive and store the energies of the World Rays, and afterwards for personal use during meditation, or as a carried item to assist with receiving the energies. 

 The ceremony is about 35-40 minutes in length.


The first set of seven consists of:


The Red World Ray of Balancing

The Orange World Ray of Creation

The Yellow World Ray of Power

The Green World Ray of Healing

The Blue World Ray of Truth

The Indigo World Ray of Clarity

The Violet World Ray of Intuition


Cost: sliding scale between $80-120 for each set of seven energies.


*The only prerequisite for receiving the World Rays is that everyone must have had the first Ascension Activation "Awakening to Source."


If interested, please contact: Jeffery St. Rose at 425.743.2867 or