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The following is a list of all 81 energy activations I have received over the past 14 years, Feb. 2nd 2005-Feb. 2nd 2019.

These activations are designed to connect and activate certain chakras and energy points and processes that have been disconnected and deactivated in order to experience this third dimensional reality. They work in a personal way to accelerate movement upon one’s own path of enlightenment.
I channel the energy for the activations from various stars, planets, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Azuma Wizard Council, the Andalucian Wizard Council, and the Galactic Council. During meditation, I have astral traveled and connected with these cosmic beings, learning the methods and words used in order to perform each activation to assist people in Ascension, which is a term for the transition into the 4th, then eventually the 5th Dimension.

Everything in the Universe is alive with its own unique consciousness. The Cosmos is full of deep wisdom and magic. This is a time in Earth’s magnificent evolution where we are breaking free of a self-shadowed sleepiness and evolving into our true luminescence.

In this emergence, we are lifting into a new way of being, understanding more fully the creation around us as well as inside us, for truly there is no separation. During this time of transition on Earth, I have been given specific energy activations to assist in this awakening.


1. Awakening to Source Activation:
From the planet Uranus, this activation begins a clearing process and helps establish a connection to an individual’s own core light and inner essence. The words used for this activation mean “I awaken you to your own source.” Uranus is known as the Great Awakener.

2. Lightbody Activation:
This activation is from an ascended white dwarf star in the Andromedan system named Zirradius. The energy is channeled into the pineal gland, which then sends it into the bone marrow in order to transmute the bone marrow into a light substance and begin the lightbody process.

3. Heart Chakra Activation:
Given to me by Alcyone, the beautiful central star in the Pleiades system. The deep energy of Alcyone opens the heart chakra to a more vast and vibrant love, helping one embody and express this expanded spectrum of love.

4. Sacred Geometry Installation:
More of an installation than an activation, the energy from the star Sirius B installs sacred geometry into a person’s aura in order to enhance and expand the aura and further prepare one for lightbody. May also awaken latent gifts a person has but is currently not using.

5. Solar Plexus Activation:
Also from the planet Uranus, this activation opens the solar plexus chakra to allow in more light to assist and guide one in taking action based upon true heart-centered power and creating from a place of emotional clarity.

6. Pineal Gland Activation:
From the star Mintaka in the Belt of Orion, this energy activates the pineal gland. On a physical level when it is fully functioning it repairs the body and makes it whole. On a spiritual level it creates a clear channel to The One.

7. Throat Chakra Activation:
Sourced by the planet Neptune, this activation opens and clears the throat chakra to assist in the speaking of one’s own truth, healing and manifesting through sound.

8. Third Eye Activation:
Again from the planet Uranus, this activation opens one’s interdimensional sight. It awakens one to clearer vision during meditation and astral travel, as well as to seeing energy and accessing one’s own intuition more clearly.
9. Crown Chakra Activation:

This activation from the star Elektra in the Pleiades opens the crown chakra to new and higher levels of communicating and receiving energies, expanding one’s connection with other dimensions, while also bringing the other activations together in harmonic completion.


Expanding further inward, this second set of nine activations is designed to amplify one’s carrying capacity of light and love, taking one into the next level of personal evolution.
Included in this set of nine are two activations centered around holding and expressing Divine Feminine energy, which is much needed on Earth at this time since the beauty and truth of the Goddess has been lost and forgotten by so many.

Culminating with an activation to align one with the Galactic Center, Divine Will and the Higher Self to achieve one’s ultimate purpose, these energies are truly set to attune one in being of the highest use to the Universe in joy and fulfillment.

In opening to the sacred acceleration of our own unique path, I pray we can all be in peace together through this time of grand awakening.


10. Foot Chakra Activation:
From our own Mother Earth, this activation grounds and profoundly solidifies one’s connection to the Earth in a deeper and more rooted relationship.

11. Palm Chakra Activation:
Excellent for touch-healers, this activation from the star Arcturus activates the hands in order to channel greater amounts of energy and awaken the sense of touch to multifaceted levels of love.

12. Lunar Cauldron Activation:
Given to me by Luna, Earth’s beloved moon, this activation opens and activates the Lunar Cauldron, a space just below the neck, which is a vessel or chalice for holding and carrying the energies of the Divine Feminine more completely within one’s body.

13. High Heart Chakra Activation:
This energy from the planet Venus activates the High Heart chakra to assist one in the outward expression of the Divine Feminine energies, as well as helping the thymus gland more fully regulate the immune system.

14. Well of Dreams Chakra Activation:
From the star Driasonium, known as the Dream Star of Andromeda, this activation opens the Well of Dreams chakra (located in the back of the head) in order to more successfully bring information back from the dream state, and for enhanced dream recall and understanding. In addition, it allows the transition between waking consciousness and dream state to be more fluid and seamless.

15. Clairaudience Chakra Activation:
This activation from the planet Uranus opens the clairaudience chakras located behind the ear lobes to assist one in hearing multi-dimensionally the sounds, frequencies, and guidance particular to one’s own path.

16. Pituitary Gland Activation:
Sourced by Earth’s Sun, this activation assists one in processing solar flare energy, as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and also enhances the body’s capacity to run more expanded energies through its system.

17. Hypothalamus Gland Activation:
From the star Maia, this energy activates the hypothalamus to assist one in balancing the masculine and feminine energies, as well as helping one maintain balance within all four bodies: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

18. Skull Cap Chakra Activation:
This activation from the star Alnilam aligns one with the Galactic Center, Divine Will, one’s Higher Self and ultimate purpose and potential, while also bringing all eighteen activations together in full harmonic completion.


Luminescing into a new way of being, we change our reality from the inside out, embodying that which we wish to sustain and create in our physical existence.

Wholeness and integration are the key elements involved for this third set of nine activations, reconnecting vital processes needed in order to fully attain Lightbody, such as the retrieval of all lost soul parts and detached aspects, as well as unifying the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within the self, opening the gateway between the brain’s two hemispheres, and awakening the crystalline matrix of the skull so that we may begin to function and create from a true place of self-actualized unity and cohesion.


19. The Bolt of Quickening Activation:
This activation from the Galactic Council member Zolthrius is designed to lift and lessen the veils, quicken consciousness and balance electrical energy in the body.

20. Lightness of Gravity Activation:
From the Galactic Council Member Mariatha, this activation lightens the force and center of gravity in the body (located in the Heart Chakra) to lessen density, as well as balances one’s magnetic energy.

21. Wholeness Activation:
Given by Archangel Gabriel, this activation is designed to retrieve and integrate all lost soul parts and detached aspects of self in order to move one into a more complete wholeness. This activation is performed by itself. A purification ritual is recommended after receiving it, so as to assist one in loving and purifying all returned aspects and energies.

22. Peace of Mind Activation:
From Archangel Raziel, this activation creates a natural state of rest and centering in the mind, much like Zero-Point energy, or the mystical No-Mind state, which holds a space of calm potential and creation, in order to bring the self into mental balance wherein one may achieve homeostasis and live and create from a place of potent internal peace and presence.

23. Weaving into Oneness Activation:
This activation from the Galactic Council Members Zolthrius and Mariatha is for the express purpose of integrating and fusing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine together within the self.

24. Gateway Activation:
This activation from Archangel Metatron opens the gateway between the two hemispheres of the brain, fusing them together for more cohesive connection and communication, balancing the infinite and the finite within the body.

25. Soul Stare Activation:
This energy from Archangel Raphael activates the eyes to send out more radiant light, love and soul-force energies.

26. Cave of Brahma Activation:
From the Ascended Masters, this energy opens and activates the seat of resonance with All That Is, often called the Cave of Brahma, which is a multidimensional frequency chamber in the brain that houses the “master glands” of the endocrine system: the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, and acts as a sacred vessel for accessing and translating the sacred impulses of Cosmic Oneness, the I Am.

27. Crystal Skull Activation:
From the Galactic Council, this energy activates the skull’s crystalline matrix in order to fully accept, process and embody the higher multidimensional frequencies and consciousness necessary to shift the entire physical system.


Everything we feel and perceive is colored by our consciousness. By expanding our consciousness, we are able to understand and access energies and potentials outside the usual spectrums of Earth.

This set of nine activations, given to me by the Azuma Wizard Council, works to expand the energy field and awaken greater awareness by activating points and processes in order to further embody higher dimensional frequencies and knowledge.

These Activations assist in moving people inward into their own depths of growth and soul-gifts to truly give and live from a more expanded place of being in love and truth.


28. Soul Star Chakra Activation:
This energy activates the Chakra of Timeless Wonder and personal soul magic to enhance the self’s owning of its own transcendence. The Soul Star is a stellar gateway through which very high frequency light, the light of Metatron, flows. This light will super activate psychic abilities. The colour of this Chakra is pearl-white. When fully activated, it will fill the body with a profound sense of love, wisdom and power, leaving the person in a newfound sense of peace.

29. Equalizer Activation:
This Activation equalizes the ratio of body and soul to create a stable and harmonic synthesis of both the physical and non-physical for the balance of being one part Heaven, one part Earth.

30. Serpent of Fire Activation:
This energy awakens the Kundalini through all the Chakras, activating the Cord of Fire between the base of the spine and the skull for a profound awakening of the True Self.

31. Cocoon of Love Activation:
The energy from this Activation creates a Cocoon of Love to assist one in maintaining embodiment in the integrity of self-love, making a safe and sacred space in which to manifest the soul’s continuous birthing.

32. Stargate of the Heart Activation:
This Activation opens a multidimensional stargate in the heart for greater universal energies of love, light, joy and fulfillment to flow through in expansive ways, assisting one in being cosmichearted.

33. The Fluid of Continuance Activation:
This energy activates the cosmic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to balance and stabilize the brain and to maintain full body ease during dimensional shifts.

34. Atoms of Adamantine Activation:
This Activation fully charges the body’s atoms with the Adamantine particles of crystalline divinity for interdimensional travel and embodying higher states of physicality.

35. Breath from the Tree of Life Activation:
This Activation assists one in naturally embodying and living the principles and energies of the Kabbalah, a path of spiritual realization and equilibrium, connecting the heart and the head, helping one to feel fully grounded, yet flying.

36. Halo Activation:
This Activation completely infuses the receiver with Christ Consciousness, assisting one to live in pure love and deep peace, connecting in oneness with All That Is through the golden energies of one’s personal halo of divine light and life force.


The next levels of energies after the 4th set of Ascension Activations are both the Crystal Body Activations and the Ka Body Activations. One must have already had the first four sets of nine Ascension Activations (36) total, in order to receive these new levels. It seems to work best to alternate between the two, beginning with the first Crystal Body Activation, and then the first Ka Body Activation at another time, and so on in this order.

Received from the Andalucian Wizard Council in the Andromedan Galaxy, these nine energies

—Activate the crystals in the aura and DNA
—Heal and prepare the physical body for the 4th and 5th Dimensions
—Enhance communication between all parts of the body
—Clear residual 3rd Dimensional densities and distortions
—Clarify and crystallize the aura in its many layers and functions

Additional Information from our Spirit Guide Cezanne, through Wizard William:

“The layers of the aura are just being learned here on this plane. There are layers that help filter and modulate the energies one is receiving, another layer that filters light coming into one’s field, and other that is a person’s connection to Earth, another that keeps one in touch with the universal core, or center, as well as several others with additional functions.”


37. Crystal Body Activation 1: This energy activates the white crystals in the aura and the DNA.

38. Crystal Body Activation 2: This energy activates the blue crystals in the aura and the DNA.

39. Crystal Body Activation 3: This energy activates the red crystals in the aura and the DNA.

40. Crystal Body Activation 4: This energy activates the green crystals in the aura and the DNA.

41. Crystal Body Activation 5: This energy activates the orange Fire of Life crystals in the aura and the DNA.

42. Crystal Body Activation 6: This energy activates the yellow crystals in the aura and the DNA.

43. Crystal Body Activation 7: This energy activates the purple crystals in the aura and the DNA.

44. Crystal Body Activation 8: This energy activates the brown crystals in the aura and the DNA.

45. Crystal Body Activation 9: This energy activates the rainbow crystals in the aura and the DNA.


Received from Archangel Metatron, these nine energies

—Activate each of the nine layers of the Ka Body (Spiritual Body)
—Connect one in unusual and profound ways to Source
—Increase Light in one’s spiritual body
—Provide greater access to one’s multidimensional spiritual gifts
—Amplify energetic sensitivities and perceptions
—Expand one’s capacities to embody and express more refined Light

Additional Information from our Spirit Guide Cezanne, through Wizard William:

“The first layer of the Ka Body is the most powerful, physically, because of its contact with the skin of the physical body. The first Ka Body Activation will, in the end, help support the body’s physical processes, though in the beginning may appear to be upsetting to the physical body, ultimately it will smooth out and support the body. It will also balance out the water in the body, allowing the water to flow more smoothly throughout the body. It will also mellow the electrical connection between the body and the etheric electrical grids, causing a clearer understanding of the flow of the Universe.”



46. Ka Body Activation 1: This energy activates the first layer of the Ka Body.

47. Ka Body Activation 2: This energy activates the second layer of the Ka Body.

48. Ka Body Activation 3: This energy activates the third layer of the Ka Body.

49. Ka Body Activation 4: This energy activates the fourth layer of the Ka Body.

50. Ka Body Activation 5: This energy activates the fifth layer of the Ka Body.

51. Ka Body Activation 6: This energy activates the sixth layer of the Ka Body.

52. Ka Body Activation 7: This energy activates the seventh layer of the Ka Body.

53. Ka Body Activation 8: This energy activates the eighth layer of the Ka Body.

54. Ka Body Activation 9: This energy activates the ninth layer of the Ka Body.



55. Blueprints of Truth Activation: This energy activates the Guardian Cell in the pineal gland, which acts as a gateway for receiving and transmitting the soul’s blueprint information, unlocking the soul’s higher wisdom and spiritually expanded blueprint for greater consciousness.

56. Lightning Path Activation: This energy quickens one’s spiritual path in greatly accelerated ways for dynamic forward movement.

57. Akashic Keys Activation: This energy activates the codes and keys to accessing the Akashic Records to understand personal and universal histories, assisting in bringing information from the Akashic Records into conscious awareness.

58. Crown of Venus Activation: This energy activates the frontal lobes for increased intuition, and multidimensional communication, enhancing the skill of telepathy.

59. Eye of Horus Activation: This energy activates the thalamus to receive the higher informational energy waves coming into the frontal lobes, and to transmit them into the rest of the brain to increase multidimensional consciousness and communicate with beings in other realms.

60. Rainbow Bridge Activation: This energy activates the corpus callosum, and the crystalline fibers in the corpus callosum to bring the two hemispheres of the brain into even greater wholeness, bridging the above and below for integration and dispersal of crystalline consciousness, facilitating higher crystalline frequencies into the synapses of the brain.

61. Golden Coil of the Cells Activation: This energy activates, repairs, and charges the golden coil within each cell with golden light for increased physical healing, attuning the cells to the harmonic spiral of the Golden Ratio, further preparing the physical body for transformation into Lightbody.

62. Quantum Continuator Activation: This energy activates, recalibrates, and reprograms the torus field around the body with expanded electrical and magnetic codes to sustain a stable multidimensional quantum field matrix that is able to hold and process more complex vibrational light information. In addition, it decompresses the body’s densities, facilitating the transition into higher physical states.

63. Inner Light Activation: This energy activates the Pranic Column, which is a light channel from the pineal gland to the perineum, initiating a full-Chakra cleanse and empowered expansion, assisting in the full embodiment of one’s I Am presence. It also installs the golden Source particle into the soft spot below the sternum that I call the Point of Brilliance Chakra, which is the anchor point of the Lightbody.



64. Point of Brilliance Activation: This energy activates the golden Source particle installed in the previous activation, to bring one’s internal light more into an external manifestation, and to embody even more light for transfiguration into Lightbody.

65. Soul Gate Activation: This energy opens the Soul Gate Chakra above the Soul Star, calling in new, pure soul-force energies from one’s Higher Self and Oversoul that one has not ever worked with before, bringing a new level of awakening. It connects the Soul Gate, Soul Star, and Point of Brilliance Chakras.

66. Love of a Thousand Suns Activation: This energy activates the golden monad in the pineal gland with energies from the Central Sun for increased love and healing, expanding one’s core light for advancement by tethering one to the galactic source for a more direct connection to the Central Sun to receive even greater amounts of photon energies in preparation for the dimensional shift.

67. Void and Lightbody Activation: This energy connects the Lightbody to the Void for a balance of love and emptiness, light and power.

68. Trinity Gift Activation: This energy heals, connects, and activates the three brains: reptilian, mammalian, and the neocortex for whole brain integration and communication, releasing the barriers of separation between them, allowing the mind to reach an even deeper Zero Point state, opening one further into omni-consciousness of one’s Higher Self. As well, it strengthens and expands the heart to hold, balance, and stabilize this shift into oneness with increased love. It is a subtle, but distinct harmonization of the three brains.

69. Windows of Mystery Activation: This energy opens multidimensional windows of perception, dissolving veils around the 3rd Eye.

70. Rainbow Blood Activation: This energy activates the plasma in the blood, preparing one for a gradual evolution into the 5th Dimensional plasma body, which is a higher level than the 4th Dimensional Lightbody.

71. LightMatter Equalization Activation: This energy thins the boundaries between matter and light/energy, balancing them both in a stable equalization, further spiritualizing matter for interdimensional transitions.

72. Cosmic Seed Activation: This energy first assesses, then progresses one’s levels of cosmic alignment according to one’s spiritual capacities and evolution, activating the neutrons of each cell with more profound universal connections.



73. Phoenix Fire Activation: This energy activates light codes of golden fire particles for rebirth, and resurrection, bringing the brilliantine particles (iridescent cubes) into the body for physical transfiguration.

74. Spinal Light Alignment Activation: This energy activates light alignments within the skeletal structure, and aligns the spine with one’s I Am presence.

75. Messenger Molecule Activation: This energy programs the nitric oxide in the body to assist in the circulation of expanded consciousness throughout the entire body and all biological functions. It establishes expanded consciousness throughout one’s system, helping the body realize the experience of expanded consciousness.

76. Electromagnificence Activation: This energy disperses electromagnetic energies throughout one’s systems with more refined connections, new life and vitality. It activates the electrons to jump to a higher vibrational level of orbit for a full body quickening.

77. Love Molecule Activation: This energy activates expanded love in all the oxytocin molecules.

78. Inhabiting Dominions Activation: This energy creates openings in the mind in which to inhabit new dominions and dimensions of energy, space and consciousness.

79. Seven Seals Activation: This energy clears and unseals the seven major Chakras for more light and spiritual expansion, gradually preparing the body and energy fields for a more comprehensive transfiguration.

80. Infinity Strands Activation: This energy awakens the dormant strands of DNA, increasing the level of transformation, activating the diamond strands of DNA, once they have been installed.

81. Atomic Consciousness Activation: This energy shifts all the atomic structures into higher levels, preparing one for a more fully realized transfiguration.


The price per activation is set by the recipient, using a scale between $35-$75.


All Activations must be received in order, as they build an energetic foundation. 

Each activation works with an individual in an ongoing process, and at one's own pace.


The recommended number of Activations received at any one time is two, in order to allow the space for each person to fully absorb and integrate the energies.  This only applies to the first two sets, as those Activations can be received two at a time, but from the third set and on, only one at a time is recommended.

If you are interested in receiving any of the Activations, please contact me:


Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)